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Daliana Suryawinata & Florian Heinzelmann

Suryawinata & Florian Heinzelmann


SESSION:   Socio-climatic Spaces

DATE: 04 MAY 2024 | TIME: 16.00 - 17.00

Socio-climatic spaces

The lecture addresses socio-climatic spaces which revolve around a reciprocal relationship between human activities that influence the climate and, conversely, how the climate of a particular area impacts potential human interactions. SHAU's goal is to encourage user engagement and activities by enabling comfortable and welcoming spaces while minimizing negative impacts on the climate and environment. The work explores design approaches between the quantitative and qualitative, rational, and intuitive, formal, and informal. Partly growing up and having been trained in the North but operating in the Global South SHAU’s journey is one of learning, unlearning, and relearning. In equatorial regions, with a tropical climate where extreme temperature differences are non-existent, but cycles are defined by rainy and dry seasons, architecture must cater to a different culture and usage of space resulting in mediated openness of adaptable layering.



SHAU is an architectural and urban design practice founded by architect couple Daliana Suryawinata (ID) - Florian Heinzelmann (DE) in the Netherlands and Indonesia –together with Tobias Hofmann (DE) operating in Germany. Before establishing SHAU, Florian and Daliana studied at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and taught and researched at TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, where Florian obtained his Ph.D.                 

SHAU is known for its performance-driven environmental and societal design agenda. Their work has won them numerous awards, including the Good Design Award Japan 2023, Monsoon Architecture Award 2023, an ArchDaily Building of the Year 2021 Award in the Public & Landscape category, three Architizer A+ Awards in 2017 & 2020, three WAF highly commendations in 2021, a WAFX Award 2017, a shortlist for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2019, a Holcim Silver Award Asia-Pacific in 2017, and a Firm of the Year from the American Architecture Prize in 2017. 

SHAU’s projects are characterized by a fusion of tropical architecture, community interests, passive climatic design strategies, and material experimentation into novel multi-programmatic typologies. So far, they have realized key public projects in Indonesia: a 9,300 square meter multi-ethnic student housing in Surabaya, public space projects in West Java like Taman Film (Film Park) under a flyover in Bandung, Alun-alun Cicendo in Bandung, Alun-alun Kejaksan in Cirebon, and ​several projects for the New Capital of Indonesia. SHAU initiated the Microlibraries, which are a series of contextually designed, low-cost, and environmentally friendly reading facilities under 250m2. They have completed eight of them, with new ones in the pipeline. They are also working on Jakarta's new Performing Arts Center “RuBIK” and the Vice-Presidential Palace “Huma Betang Umai” for the new Indonesian Capital IKN on Kalimantan, among other projects for private and public clients.

Florian is an Associate Professor in Practice at the National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture. Daliana is an Asia Pacific jury member for the 2023 Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction. 


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