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The ‘Architect'24 Expo’
creates boundless awareness, communication, and transmission with the theme 

‘Collective Language: Sensing Architecture’

In the past, humans communicated by gestures and developed to imitate natural and animal sounds. Then, they try to pronounce emotions and feelings, pain, or exclamations. Over 40,000 years BC, there was communication through paintings using natural colors (charcoal and hematite) on the walls and ceiling of the cave to express their ritual and cultural beliefs. Eventually, these things became language and art. 
Nowadays, there are more than 7,000 languages around the world. At the same time, the arts and culture are considered powerful communication tools through sensory perception and present the identities of a borderless language. 
When humans became human, communication, language, art, and culture became boundless, such as architecture and design can be communicated and touched by people. ‘Collective Language: Sensing Architecture’ the concept of architect'24 will connect people to architectural society. Throughout the 90 years of the establishment of the Siam Architects Association, we will create the best future movement through important exhibitions and activities that consist of

  1. The main exhibitions

Collective Language: Sensing Architecture. 

Sensing, part of human feeling, is another way of architectural communication. Architects can create a variety of concrete feelings through materials and abstract elements. The architectural works from 12 Asian architects present a group of languages paraphrased by the curator from the architectural elements to tell the main characteristics of Asian architecture and pose a question to other architectural languages that will become a common language in the future, along with the exhibiting works selected from the 22-nation alliance associations, including Thailand in The Regional Architects Council Asia (ARCASIA) together as a language group that is paraphrased from architectural elements to communicate the future direction of the region. 

ASA All Member Exhibition  

This expo provides an opportunity for visitors from both the design industry and the public to join the experience of the 'professional' through the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) All Member: The Collective Practices exhibition that shows the work from the members of the Siam Architects Association Decorator Association Landscape Architects Association and the Thai Landscape Architects Association. In addition, everyone can experience the corporate culture and the work behind it. This year, the 90th anniversary of the Siam Architects Association is especially with the exhibition for visitors to experience, think, and pose questions to the article of the future architect together.


Collective Experience

‘Human Library’ extended from the architect'23 event, aims to convey experiences and stories through sensory intimacy that is collected and crystallized from Thai and foreign narrators to create understanding with people in society without discrimination and language. This activity will convey stories and exchange architectural knowledge, ideas, and experiences.


Exhibition of the Decorator Association of Thailand: TIDA 

  1. TIDA Salone, more than ten years of creative space, shows the experimental design exhibition from the interior designers ‘In our home’ under the concept ‘come to help create new work by collaborating with various interior products as a modern living’. 

  2. TIDA Society, a meeting zone called TIDA Club, is a community for creating innovative ideas. TIDA Night is a party of Thai decorators and designers with the concept of ‘never being a ruin for decades’. 

  3. TIDA Exhibition shows the work of the TIDA Award and TIDA Thesis Award. 

  4. TIDA Lounge is the area for members with the recruitment service center, the association's information service, professional license consultation, and souvenir shop.

Exhibition and academic seminar area ‘TALA Collective Experience’  

  1. To discuss landscape architecture such as projects in different contexts but connected languages, and landscape architecture in foreign countries and regions, which will be a professional discussion and experience transfer from landscape architects with experience in Asia. 

  2. The landscape architecture theme exhibition area "GREEN SEEDLING: Towards Carbon Neutral" shows an exhibition with visitors. To convey the importance of quality green areas that are important to the environment, economy, and society of the world where we live together. 

  3. Exhibition area ‘TALA PARK NETWORK MAP’ to show the relationship map of the public green area structure in Bangkok at present and/or the future, both the 15-minute garden project and other public area projects. 

  4. TALA’s Collective Lounge, gathering point, resting point, and meeting informal conversation of members

  5. TALA AWARDS, award-winning design display area for each type of work. 

Exhibition of the Thai Urban Designers Association (TUDA): TUDA 

  1. TUDA EXHIBITION or TUDA and Friends, an exhibition of government agencies, the private sector, and city development network partners across the country together with the association. Including the work of the Regional City Planning Architect Committee. 

  2. TUDA (Professional) is the exhibition of professional companies' work with outstanding work in the city's design and development. 

  3. TUDA (Academic), thesis exhibition, and design and research work from educational institutions. 

  4. TUDA REGISTER & TUDA SHOP, the registration point, apply for membership, give away souvenirs and points of sale of the association. 

  5. TUDA (Chill) area for members to rest, sit and talk. 

2. Academic exhibition

Conceptual Contest Exhibition (ASA Experimental Design Competition)

Displaying the work of the international contest that is open to members of the association, students interested in sending work find creative guidelines and design works that are not limited to the area and size. This year, we will use Bangkok as a case study. To find different similarities answer the feelings of people with the city through the definition of 'sensing'. 


3. Exhibitions, associations, professions, academics

  • Architectural Conservation Building Award Exhibition of the year 2024 

  • Outstanding Architecture Award Exhibition of the Year 2024 


  • Exhibition of student work / educational institution 


4. Activity and service areas

  • ASA Club - Meeting area and resting place for Asa people 

  • ASA Night 2024 - Traditional meeting activities of Asa members 

  • Volunteer Architect - Area Consulting services in architecture 

  • ACT Shop - Book and Souvenir Area of the Council of Architects 

  • ASA Shop - Book and souvenir distribution area of the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA)

  • ASA Book Shop - Book distribution area from educational institutions and architectural organizations

5. Academic seminar

ASA International Forum 2024
Academic seminars Exchange knowledge in design and technical information in the profession by designers and architecture experts from abroad with an interesting topic under the theme 'COLLECTIVE LANGUAGE: Critical Regionalism in Architecture’. Those who are interested can register to attend the on-site seminar. 

Professional Seminar 2024

Seminars from experts in Thailand of each discipline will help the profession of the current architect. Those who are interested can register to attend the on-site seminar.

  • Communicate, recognize, and pass through sensing together in the architect'24 event. 

  • The Collective Language Concept: Sensing Architecture 

  • It will be held between April 30 - May 5, 2024. 

  • At Challenger Hall 1-3, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani








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