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Architect'24 Expo
creates boundless awareness, communication, and transmission with the theme 

COLLECTIVE LANGUAGE : Sensing Architecture

In the past, humans communicated by gestures and developed to imitate natural and animal sounds. Then, they try to pronounce emotions and feelings, pain, or exclamations. Over 40,000 years BC, there was communication through paintings using natural colors (charcoal and hematite) on the walls and ceiling of the cave to express their ritual and cultural beliefs. Eventually, these things became language and art. 
Nowadays, there are more than 7,000 languages around the world. At the same time, the arts and culture are considered powerful communication tools through sensory perception and present the identities of a borderless language. 
When humans became human, communication, language, art, and culture became boundless, such as architecture and design can be communicated and touched by people. ‘Collective Language: Sensing Architecture’ the concept of architect'24 will connect people to architectural society. Throughout the 90 years of the establishment of the Siam Architects Association, we will create the best future movement through important exhibitions and activities that consist of 




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