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Samuel Barclay

Saturday, 30th Apr 2022 | 13:00 – 14:30 (GMT+7)

Topic:  The Craft of Collaboration

Venue: Phoenix Room, IMPACT Exhibition Center


Co-Founder & Principal Case Design


After earning M. Arch, Samuel Barclay practiced in Los Angeles with Studio Works Architects before moving to India in 2006 to work with Studio Mumbai and co-founded Case Design in 2013 with his wife, Erica Barclay.


Case Design is based in Mumbai with projects in India, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, an architecture and design practice committed to exploring the design process through acts of making.

They believe that objects and spaces deeply impact our relationship with the world around us and seek to create moments of quality inspired by observations from our daily lives. These spatial and formal experiences are situationally grounded, considerate to human interaction, and are inherently imbued with content and meaning.

As a collection of people with diverse backgrounds, they also believe that collaboration lies at the core of all good work. Regardless of method or medium, the greatest form of sustainability is to produce work of lasting value. In that spirit, they aspire to create simple, beautiful, and functional things.

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