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Theme "The 4+1 Elements"

ASA Seminar 2019 is designed to promote sustainable architecture and cities under theme ‘The 4+1 Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and People’. With panel discussion format, every sub-theme gives insights into design through case studies reflecting how theories can be implemented to practice. Panelists consist of key stakeholders including design professional, academic, policy maker, and green supplier.  They are a crucial part of the project creation and success.


Theme "The 4+1 Elements"

"Green Building and Smart City"

WED, 1 May, 2019 I 13.30-16.30 

Engaging Architects in UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

WED, 1 May, 2019 I 16.30-18.00

DGNB System: The European approach to sustainable building and cities

WED, 1 May, 2019 I 18:00-19.30

Sub-Theme 1 : Air

สถาปัตยกรรมหายใจได้ (Breathing Architecture)

THU, 2 May, 2019 I 13.30-16.30

Sub-Theme 2 : Fire


(Transforming City with Light) 

THU, 2 May, 2019 I 18.00-21.00

Sub-Theme 3 : Earth

สวนสาธารณะของเมือง :


(Urban Public Park :

the place for all)

FRI, 3 May, 2019 I 13.30-16.30

Sub-Theme 4 : Water

กรุงเทพฯ บ้าน+เมือง+น้ำ
(Bangkok CITY + WATER)

FRI, 3 May, 2019 I 18.00-21.00

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