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Talk: East & West: Young & Green

East and West : Young and Green TalkYoung Viennese

Architects Exhibition

Architects help design and create our build environment — but how can we build thoughtfully, smartly and with less waste? This talk will explore sustainable design — from two unique parts of the world — Thailand and Austria. Four young architect and landscape architect studios - Einzueins, Idealice, Jaibaan and Cloud Floor - will join Dr. Pattaranan Takkanon to discuss sustainability and next generation design.

The talk is free, open to the public and will be on Friday, May 3rd at 16:00-17:00.As part of ASA Expo and in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy in Bangkok, "East and West, Young and Green" is part of "YoVA4" an exhibition showcasing 11 emerging architects and landscape architects from Vienna, Austria.


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