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ASA FILM ON DWELLING no.2 (Microtopia)

ASA seminar time:

Thu, 2017-05-04 18:00

ASA seminar speaker:

Antonio Bernacchi

Alicia Lazzaroni

Patrick Donbeck

ผู้ดำเนินรายการ ดร.วิญญู อาจรักษา

ASA seminar room:

Jupiter 4


Introduction Film is a great medium for showing architecture. It can not only explore places and spaces by showing them from different angles, in motion or zooming in on details but unlike photography it is able to capture human interaction with architecture. The aim of Asa Film seminar is to take full advantage of this ability by introducing thought provoking films on architecturally relevant topics. Architecture for Humanity, Micro Dwelling and Architecture of Alienation are titles of respective screening sessions, each to be followed by a panel discussion among Thai and foreign architects and scholars whose work and experience in Thailand relates to the subject of preceding film.

Micro dwelling What is beautiful is what is necessary, a motto for Jay Shafner, a self-taught architect whose work is presented in the 2012 documentary Microtopia, expresses the spirit of the 2012 film by Jesper Wachtmeister. It documents how not only architects but also regular people cope with ideas of downsizing, living off the grid and tackling global environmental problems. Proposed solutions range from rolling islands made of garbage through tents suspended from trees to walking homes. While some of these ideas might seem far-fetched and not quite realizable on global scale, the passion of their creators is very inspiring and the issues raised are real.

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