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ASA FILM ON DWELLING no.1 (Citizen architect)

ASA seminar time:

Wed, 2017-05-03 18:00

ASA seminar speaker:

Jan Glasmeier

ผศ.ดร. สุพิชชา โตวิวิชญ์

ผู้ดำเนินรายการ Jakub Gardolinski

ASA seminar room:

Jupiter 4


Introduction Film is a great medium for showing architecture. It can not only explore places and spaces by showing them from different angles, in motion or zooming in on details but unlike photography it is able to capture human interaction with architecture. The aim of Asa Film seminar is to take full advantage of this ability by introducing thought provoking films on architecturally relevant topics. Architecture for Humanity, Micro Dwelling and Architecture of Alienation are titles of respective screening sessions, each to be followed by a panel discussion among Thai and foreign architects and scholars whose work and experience in Thailand relates to the subject of preceding film.

Architecture for humanity In a field where landmarks and spectacular, often self-serving buildings appear to garner majority of the attention, those who challenge the role of architects in modern society by trying to use their skills and knowledge to help most underprivileged groups rarely get opportunity to be heard and their work is sometimes written of as irrelevant. Samule Mockbee however managed to not only help those in need but still achieve architecture quality in his realized projects by engaging his students to work for and with some of the poorest inhabitants of Alabama state in USA. His ground - breaking efforts became well publicized around the world with the 2010 documentary Citizen Architect eventually giving the full account of Rural Studio accomplishments. While Mockbee became poster figure for participatory design, in Thailand there are a couple of architectural practices following similar path of supporting mostly disregarded social groups.

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