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ASA Experimental Design Competition 2024


Sensing Architecture: Architecture beyond vision

Humans inherently possess five senses that allow us to perceive the world: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, and in some cases, a sixth sense. These senses are integral to human experience in various environments today, whether in an urban or rural context.

In Thailand, Bangkok vividly expresses the perception of the five senses in a profound way. Whether it's the experience of walking on the streets, navigating urban congestion, savoring the aromas of street food, or immersing in the sounds of the city, these elements contribute to making Bangkok a vibrant and lively city.

In today's ever-developing world, where this generation's lives are more connected to the digital realm than ever and a society that demands constant awareness through a fast-paced lifestyle. Digital technologies such as the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are developing to become essential aspects of modern life. What will urban life look like in the coming years, and how will it affect the way people experience emotions and sensations?

This competition aims to evoke creative solutions and designs that are not constrained by location and size. Using Bangkok as a case study, we encourage participants to explore parallel aspects of urban life to find design solutions that respond to the ever changing needs of people through sensory experiences.


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