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 Architect Expo is the largest exhibition in ASEAN that showcases architecture, and construction materials and technology. It was first introduced by the ASA in 1986, making this its 33nd year. More than 350,000 visitors participate each year, with numbers increasing on an annual basis. It is our objective to show the country’s potential in every aspect of architecture, such as construction technology, products for architecture, from interior to landscape. This year, the expo has several exhibitions and activities to offer such as forums, seminars, and services for ASA’s members and members of the public.  

The main concept of

the  ASA Expo 34th edition is


Architect Expo’22 exhibits architectural design works that center on the concept of ‘coexistence’ as a theme. Inspired by the concept, many modern design works are the results of ‘co-creation’ between professions. Co-creating with landscape architects, artists, lighting designers, fashion designers, photographers, and designers from other fields, offers dimensions to architectural works through fresh and different ideas. In addition, Architect Expo’22 also acts as a platform for understanding the coexistence and co-creation between architects and non-designer creators of other fields, such as doctors, software developers, chefs, agriculturists, astronauts, biologists, monks, etc. The pavilion aims to showcase how co-designing between professions can be done for mutual benefits.






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Features: Pavilions & Activities

1.Main pavilion:

     1.1 Co-with COVID

The pavilion showcases crisis-responsive design works during 2019-2021 COVID-19 breakouts in Thailand, highlighting architects’ contribution in arranging safe zones for Thais in time of crisis. The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) educates audiences on space architecture and design, introduces ideas from architect volunteers across the country, and presents public collaborations of the people in order to survive the COVID-19 crisis. 


     1.2 Local innovation

The pavilion introduces local materials nationwide, and presents them as options for architects who wish to add local intellect into their building structure, decorative materials, and décor. Adopting local materials has double benefits, one is the continuance of the local legacy, and another is the reduction of carbon emission. Architect Expo’22 marks the pavilion’s first year of carbon footprint calculation to raise environmental awareness, as well as create architect tools to creatively address environmental problems at their sources.   


     1.3 Professional collaboration 

The pavilion presents the twelve sub-pavilions within Architect Expo’22, which are the works of the co-creations between twelve pairs of architects and other creators. Showcasing the design concept, cross-profession ways of work, and cross-region communication, the pavilion aims to introduce a future-proof and sustainable New Normal solution, rather than just a crisis-responsive one during the pandemic.


     1.4 ASA Member

The pavilion showcases thematic works of ASA members, both entities and individuals.


     1.5 Delineation of Architectural Masters

Originated from ASA Talk Series, The Delineation of Architectural Masters pavilion invites four of Thailand’s legendary architects to showcase their sketches for viewers to take a closer look at their masterful perspective drawing skills.


2. Academic pavilion:

     2.1 ASA Student and Workshop

The pavilion showcases the thematic ASA Workshop works of architecture students and various educational institutions across the country that participated in the ASA Architectural Design Student Workshop.


     2.2 ASA Experimental design

The pavilion exhibits the thematic works submitted by those participated in the international competition, which is open to both ASA members and non-members.


3. Pavilions, Associations, Professions, and Academic: 

     3.1 ASA Architectural design award 2022 pavilion

The pavilion displays the awarded works of Architectural Design Gold Award and Architectural Conservation Award, selected by The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) in 2022.


     3.2 Pavilion to Honor Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

In honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, The pavilion exhibits HRH Princess’ Thai architectural conservation efforts as a leader in maintaining the Phra Tamnak Yai (Queen Savang Vadhana Museum) within the Sra Pathum Palace.


     3.3 ASA Public Work pavilion

The pavilion displays design works from TOY ARCH 2022: Thesis of The Year Award 2022, Ramathibodi-Sri Ayudhya Medical Center Design Competition, Kaengkoi Creative Green City Competition, BlueScope Design Award 2021 “The Sustainable of Coated Steel Buildings Design Contest”, and“The Sustainability of Coated Steel Buildings of the Year 2021/2022”


4.Activities & Services

     4.1 ASA Clinic (MORBAAN ASA) Architecture and design consultancy provided by 

a team of volunteer architects.

     4.2 ASA Shop The book & gift shop selling academic books 

and ASA souvenirs.

     4.3 ASA Club The meeting and recreational space for ASA members.

     4.4 ASA Main stage The area for organizing activities, such as talks, 

music shows, demonstrations, and workshops.

     4.5 ASA Night 2022 The traditional reunion party for all ASA members.


5. Academic Seminars

     5.1 ASA International Forum 2022

The international conference held under the ‘พึ่งพา-อาศัย: CO – WITH CREATORS’ theme for designers and architects. Catering to COVID-19 precautionary measures, the forum shall be held both on-site and online.


     5.1 ASA Seminar 2022

The academic seminar held under the ‘พึ่งพา-อาศัย: CO – WITH CREATORS’ theme for designers and architects in Thailand. Catering to COVID-19 precautionary measures, the forum shall be held both on-site and online.


Any inquiries, please contact The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA): 

Department of Project Coordinator

Ms. Wilasinee (Toie) Bundham Tel.: +669 8268 9513

Ms. Ntapak (Lookwah) Netluecha  Tel.: +669 1981 4666


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