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The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage has been organizing the event to promote and provide professionally related information and knowledge since 1986, the year in which the very first official architect festival was held under the name Architect’ 29. The year 2023 marks the 34ᵗʰ anniversary of the event. The date and venue of Architect’ 23 approved by the current management committee is 25ᵗʰ - 30ᵗʰ April 2023 at Challenger Hall, Impact Exhibition and Convention Cente, Muang Thong Thani, Changwattana Road, Bann Mai Sub-district, Pakkred District, Nonthaburi.

The main concept of

the  ASA Expo 34ᵗʰ edition is

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We are walking out from the shadow of the pandemic. 
ASA together with TIDA, TUDA, TALA and ACT are hosting the annual Architectural Exposition in April 2023, culminating in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will bring people in the design industry together, to discuss, pose questions, and search for answers to current and future issues that will and have made significant impact on the way we work. Over the course of the event, there will be forums, an open format human library, displays of design works and construction technologies. 
To celebrate this first occurrence of all five institutions coming together, the organizer has decided to curate this year’s exposition around a shared basic instinct, that is at the very core of our collective identities; Food. When Thais gather, we do so by eating together. The most universally loved and enjoyed dish, despite our diverse heritage and interests, is undisputedly Som Tum. Therefore, this year, we would like to invite everyone to join us by enjoying the event under the theme “ตำถาด : Time of Together.”




square meters





Main Exhibition and Activities

1. Main pavilion:

1.1 Time of togetherness Exhibition (ASA member’s Design Projects)

This exhibition gathers a variety of projects in all professional fields from members of ASA, TIDA, TUDA and TALA within a given theme and other projects from related professions that describing this year theme. 


1.2 Human Library + ASA Workshop

Originally, the ASA Talk Series organized by the Institute of Siamese Architects (ISA), invites renowned architects to share their work and experiences. This time, Human Library + ASA Workshop will create a dialogue platform among professional architects, young architects and architectural students. It will be organized in conjunction with the ASA Architectural Design Student Workshop. This platform will allow the students and young architects to discuss and exchange their ideas with professional architects to further expand their professional knowledge.   

1.3 Thailand Interior Designers’ Association: TIDA 

1.3.1 TIDA LOUGE: A meeting spot and information center for TIDA’s members, as well as a retails space selling books and souvenirs by TIDA

1.3.2 TIDA SOCIETY: Talk Club / TIDA Night

1.3.3 TIDA SALONE: A platform where local designers and artisans can showcase their products.

1.3.4 TIDA EXHIBITION: Exhibitions on TIDA Awards and TIDA Thesis Awards


1.4 Thai Association of Landscape Architects: TALA

1.4.1 TALA CLASSROOM: A space for activities and workshop, including exhibition and discussion on collaborative projects on landscape design between TALA and other organizations, such as Sustainable Agriculture, Bangkok Sports Gound, etc.

1.4.2 TALA PARK NETWORK MAP: A map shows the relationship of green infrastructure in Bangkok between the present and/or future.

1.4.3 TALA ‘What If’ Sketch: The exhibition expresses the concepts and ideas of landscape architects and students toward public space design within the city.

1.4.4 TALA’s SALAD BAR: A meeting spot for TALA’s members

1.4.5 TALA SHOP & SERVICES: Information center and retails space selling books and souvenirs by TALA


1.5 Thai Urban Designers Association: TUDA

The exhibition is divided into four main themes:

  • Water Management

  • 1 Million Square Meters Projects

  • EEC and Future City

  • Ageing and Social Inequality. 

These four themes are separated into five zones

1.5.1 TUDA ZEB Zone: Thesis, Urban Design and Research: The exhibition represents the student’s thesis work, and projects and research in urban design and planning from institutions.

1.5.2 TUDA X Muang Zone: The exhibition presents urban design competitions co-organized by TUDA

1.5.3 TUDA X Mhu Zone or TUDA and Friends: The exhibition displays various of outstanding work concerning urban design and development from organizations and firms. 

1.5.4 TUDA Khak Zone: The exhibition showcases urban design projects by TUDA’s members

1.5.5 TUDA Muan Zone: Space for member’s gathering and activities.


2. Academic Exhibition

2.1 ASA Experimental Design Competition

It is an international design competition invites architects, designers, students, and general public to submit their designs that demonstrate the competition theme idea. 

3. Architecture Professional and Student Exhibitions

3.1 ASA Architectural Conservation Award 2024

The exhibition showcases award-winning projects of the ASA Architectural Conservation Award 2024 selected by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage.


3.2 Architectural Student Projects 

The exhibition aims to be a platform to promote architectural students’ projects from the Faculty of Architecture and Design in all institutions nationwide, such as Thesis of the Year Awards 2023 (TOY ARCH), etc.


3.3 Architectural Design Competition for the Government and Public Buildings

These exhibition presents the architectural  and urban design competition projects for the government agencies and other organizations, such as Naklua Creative City, Khon Kaen Municipality Bus Shelter Design Competition, etc.


4. Service Station for Members and the Public

4.1 ACT + ASA Shop: Retails space selling books and souvenirs by the ACT and ASA

4.2 ACT + ASA Club: The Meeting Point of ACT and ASA Members

4.3 Activity Ground: The space hosts activities such as seminar, music, product demonstration, workshop, etc. 

4.4 ASA Night 2023: Traditional gathering for ASA’s members from all generations and institutions.


5. Academic Forum & Seminar

5.1 ASA + ACT International Forum 2023

ASA + ACT International Forum 2023 with participants of international renowned archtiects, designers and experts under the theme of Time of Togetherness. It will be a hybrid format that both online and live audiences can attend and participate from all part of Thailand.


5.2 ASA + ACT Seminar 2023

These academic seminars consist of lectures from designers and experts on architecture design in Thailand under the theme of Time of Togetherness. It will be a hybrid format that both online and live audiences can attend and participate from all part of Thailand.


For more information: 

please contact the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage at 
Miss Naputt Sakkamat Mobile: 084-656-9084  |  Mr. Theerarat Kaeojaikla Mobile: 089-171-1795
Email: | | FB : ASA EXPO | IG : ASA EXPO



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