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Architect Expo is the largest exhibition in ASEAN that showcases architecture, and construction materials and technology. It was first introduced by the ASA in 1986, making this its 32nd year. More than 350,000 visitors participate each year, with numbers increasing on an annual basis. It is our objective to show the country’s potential in every aspect of architecture, such as construction technology, products for architecture, from interior to landscape. This year, the expo has several exhibitions and activities to offer such as forums, seminars, and services for ASA’s members and members of the public.

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The main concept of

the  ASA Expo 33th edition is

‘Green Living’


The main concept of the ASA Expo 33rd edition is ‘Living Green’ examining ideas of sustainability in architecture and design. It considers aspects such as the use of innovative and also environmentally-friendly materials, the combination between local wisdom and modern technology, to hopefully find solutions which are suited to the current situation through thought-provoking exhibitions and activities. 



The Expo will offer a “green experience” for the first time. The idea of sustainability is employed in every detail of the event; using eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting in the exhibition area, we actually use a lot of paper tubes, employing more effective management of the waste produced during the Expo, and recycling most of the exhibition materials and wastes.


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